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  1. Some common synonyms of decadence are decline, degeneration, and deterioration. While all these words mean "the falling from a higher to a lower level in quality, character, or vitality," decadence presupposes a reaching and passing the peak of development and implies a turn downward with a consequent loss in vitality or energy.
  2. Decadence, a period of decline or deterioration of art or literature that follows an era of great achievement. Examples include the Silver Age of Latin literature, which began about ad 18 following the end of the Golden Age, and the Decadent movement at the end of .
  3. Decadence Actor/playwright Steven Berkoff's film of his stage play "Decadence" is a ripe, belching, heaving, power-drill satire of s Thatcherite Britain that's as full of excesses as the passe Author: Derek Elley.
  4. DECADENCE Meaning: "deteriorated condition, decay," from Middle French décadence (early 15c.), from Medieval Latin See definitions of decadence.
  5. Sep 20,  · “Decadence” discuss depression and the various symptoms including isolation, self harm, suicidal thoughts, etc. Decadence (infinitive form of decay) implies to the mindset of a.
  6. Decadence is primarily generated by kinsmen with the Decadent trait. They contribute monthly decadence until imprisoned, killed, straightened up or banished. The largest factor affecting whether characters become decadent is rank. Courtiers are the most likely to become decadent, while kings and emperors never do.
  7. A key argument is that decadence is not the immediate doom of civilization, although it could be if there's a perfect storm of factors. Decadence is actually sustainable. Rome eventually fell, but there were several centuries of decadence first. And as Chesterton /5(50).

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